:3 hii im lexie or nick either is fine i mainly use he/they prns but im fine w any prns (en francais cest il ou elle) i speak english and french and i post in both languages interchangibly if anyones wondering my ethnicity is french, german, and cameroonian :33 i live in the us !! (timezone gmt-5/cdt) im gay + boyflux !!!!!! mainly masc but i still identify as fem a bit T_T

interests enstars, pjsekai, bandori, shinymas, ace attorney, tokimemo girls side, pjdiva, pjmirai, ddr, cookie run, danganronpa, style savvy, otome games + bl games, wolf game, d4dj, tomodachi life, tamagotchis, photography, kpop ^_^

boundaries its fine if u like reply to my stories but if we just became moots then dont dm me it makes me nervous i selfship and mostlt ship myself with koga ,, uhm yeah !! idc if u r the same just dont shove it in my face T_T feel free to send me a bunch of reels if we’re friends i will watch all of them 🫶 im not the biggest fan of femstars so try not to talk abr it with me but i dont hate it tho im autistic but dont use tone tags that much, tho feel free to ask me to use them

extra feel free to ask for my video game friend codes n stuff !! if theres something that triggers u pls tell me and i will rmb to cw it unless its food or my interests